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今天的推荐是 Git-based Wiki。关注生产力的大家,一定有个人笔记的需求。市面上有诸多的笔记工具,想必大家挑花了眼。这篇文章建议返璞归真,使用最简单的 git + markdown 来构建自己的个人笔记,这一做法主要有这些好处:

  1. 使用 Github 同步数据之后,数据随手可及;
  2. 线上内容由 HTML 自动渲染,而本地还是纯文本,方便修改;
  3. 在离线环境下也可以编辑阅读,如果和线上版本冲突,只要使用 git 的内置工具即可解决;
  4. 也因为在 git 内,所以所有的修改都被记录了,不怕改错;
  5. 纯粹的 md 有很强的通用型。

如果你想进一步了解如何基于 markdown 来打造完整的写作工作流,可以参考我们之前的文章:夺回对数据的控制权,试试用 Markdown 打造文本处理工作流

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Today’s recommendation is Git-based Wiki. For those of you who are concerned about productivity, you must have a need for personal notes. There are so many note-taking tools on the market, which may confuse you. This article suggests going back to the basics and building your own personal notes using git + markdown in its simplest form, including these main benefits:

  1. Data is always there once you have synchronized them using Github.
  2. Online content is rendered automatically by HTML, while the local one is still plain text for easy modification.
  3. You can edit and read offline, and if there is a conflict with the online version, you can use the built-in tools in git to resolve it.
  4. Because it’s in git, all changes are logged, so there’s no fear of making mistakes.

If you want to learn more about how to build a complete writing workflow based on markdown, you can refer to our previous article: Take Back Control of Your Data, Try Building a Text Processing Workflow with Markdown.

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