Daily Productive Sharing 022 - 你是哪种笔记人?

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(The English version follows)

至于如何选择合适的工具,最重要的一点取决于我们如何构建自己的知识管理系统,不同的构建方式需要使用不同的工具。 Ali Abdaal 在近期的视频The Perfect Note-Taking App里将人划分成三类,并且给三类人给出了对应的推荐:

  • librarian - OneNote, EverNote
  • gardener - RR, Obsidian
  • architect - Notion

当然 Ali 也指出,我们也可以同时使用多个工具来满足不同的需求。

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Day before yesterday we shared how to organize your own knowledge management system, [yesterday](https://acacess.substack.com/p/daily- productive-sharing–020) we introduced the recommended tools.
The most important point as to how to choose the right tool depends on how we build our knowledge management system, and different ways of building it require different tools. Ali Abdaal in his recent video The Perfect Note-Taking App classified people into three categories and gave corresponding recommendations for each of them.

  • librarian - OneNote, EverNote
  • gardener - RR, Obsidian
  • architect - Notion

Ali also pointed out that we can also use multiple tools at the same time to meet different needs.

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