Daily Productive Sharing 026 - 什么是开源活动?

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开源活动(Open Source)是软件开发世界里的理想主义:大家无偿地贡献代码给开源项目,反过来促进了社会的整体生产力,降低了社会的总成本。比如这次疫情期间,最早的疫情数据汇总来自于很多开源项目,而对岸的口罩分发也是由开源项目优化的。无论是否了解开源活动,这一期的介绍都值得一听:《星箭廣播》74 集 — — 開放原始碼跟我有關嗎?我們可以怎麼參與開源社群?

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Open Source activities are idealistic in the world of software development: people contribute code to open source projects for free, which in turn boosts the overall productivity and lowers the total cost to society. For example, during this epidemic, the earliest aggregation of epidemic data came from many open source projects, and the distribution of masks in Taiwan was also optimized by open source projects. Whether you are aware of open source activities or not, this issue is worth listening to: 《星箭廣播》74 集 — — 開放原始碼跟我有關嗎?我們可以怎麼參與開源社群?

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