Daily Productive Sharing 029 - 工程师如何成长?

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最近发现了一个宝藏 blog:它会访谈各大公司的 staff engineer,请他们分享自己的工作内容,自己的成长经历等等。比如这篇 Dan Na - Staff Engineer and Team Lead at Squarespace 的分享者是白血病的幸存者,一路走来非常不易,他作为 SquareSpace 的 staff engineer 做了非常多的努力,包括在公司组织读书俱乐部等等。

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Recently, we found a great blog: it interviews staff engineers from various companies and asks them to share their work, their experiences and so on. For example, this post Dan Na - Staff Engineer and Team Lead at Squarespace was shared by a leukemia survivor who has had a very difficult journey. This staff engineer at SquareSpace has done a lot of work, including organizing book clubs at the company and more.

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