Daily Productive Sharing 030 - How I Built This

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又到了周六荐书时间,今天推荐的的是 How I Built This。作者 Guy Raz 是 NPR 的主持人,How I Built This 是他做的一档节目,主要采访各种创业者,有些是互联网行业的,有些是传统行业的。每位嘉宾都会分享自己的创业历程。如果你也想试试创业,不妨读读这本书,可能会有很不一样的收获。

对了,我的朋友 Miki 也在做一档类似的 podcast ,有兴趣的话,可以关注一下。

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It's time for another Saturday book recommendation, and today's recommendation is [How I Built This] (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/48930275-how-i-built-this). The author, Guy Raz, is a host of NPR, and How I Built This is a show where he interviews a variety of entrepreneurs, some in the internet industry and some in traditional industries. Each guest shares his or her own entrepreneurial journey. If you want to try your hand at entrepreneurship, you might want to read this book, which might be insightful.

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