Daily Productive Sharing 033 - 如何系统性地解决问题

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(The English version follows)

当我们碰到一个问题,应该如何解决?今天的分享 Understand, Design, Build: A Framework for Problem-Solving 提供了一个框架:

  1. 理解问题
  2. 设计方案
  3. 实现方案


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When we come across a problem, how should we solve it? Today's Share Understand, Design, Build: A Framework for Problem-Solving provides a framework:

  1. understanding the problem
  2. designing the solution
  3. implementing the solution.

The example in the share was developed using software development as an example, but the framework can actually be applied to many other areas: when we have a communication problem, for example, we can try to understand what the problem is, and then find the right way to communicate it.

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