Daily Productive Sharing 034 - 十分钟能做什么?

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(The English version follows)

十分钟能拿来做什么?抽根烟?打个盹?还是?今天的分享来自一位坚持每天写作十分钟的作者:在2010年到2012年之间,他每天写十分钟,写出了一本 C++ 的编程书。

The Power of Ten Minutes a Day

我们也在尝试坚持每天十分钟的写作:每天分享一个有用的生产力 tip,十分钟。看看我们能坚持多久:)

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What can you do with ten minutes? Taking a cigarette? Taking a nap? Or something else? Today's share comes from an author who consistently wrote ten minutes a day: between 2010 and 2012, he wrote ten minutes a day to write a C++ programming book.

The Power of Ten Minutes a Day.

We're also trying to stick to this ten minute routine as well: ten minutes a day for preparing a useful productivity tip. Let's see how long we can keep it up :)

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