Daily Productive Sharing 036 - 如何成为优秀管理者

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又到了周六荐书时间,今天推荐的是 The Making of a Manager 。作者是 Facebook 的前设计副总裁 Julie Zhuo,她在这本书里介绍了自己在 Facebook 作为管理者的成长经历。总体而言,偏理论,没有很强的实操性。如果你想进一步实践管理,可以参考 The Manager's Path,这本具有更强的实操性,而且介绍了一路从被管理到管理全公司的每一个阶段。对了,作者 Camille Fournier 同样也是位女性高管。

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It's Saturday book recommendation time again, and today's recommendation is The Making of a Manager. The author is Julie Zhuo, the former VP of design at Facebook. In this book, she introduces her own experience of growing up as a manager at Facebook. Overall, it's theoretical and not very practical. If you want to get more hands-on with management, check out The Manager's Path, which is more hands-on and covers every stage along the way, from being managed to running the entire company. By the way, the author, Camille Fournier, is also a female executive.

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