Daily Productive Sharing 037 - 小人物的故事

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(The English version follows)

今天推荐的是一个非常有意思的 podcast 频道 A Nobody Podcast。国庆假期的时候,恰好碰到主理人阿乐做的 Youtube 频道 Hoi Ale。阿乐之前是一位在国内工作的前端工程师,她的先生小刘也是一位软件工程师。他们于2018年肉翻荷兰,所以阿乐的这两个频道一开始都聚焦在肉翻和荷兰的生活,当然后面的 podcasts 邀请很多有意思的嘉宾来分享他们的生活,不再只局限在肉翻这件事上。正如频道名那样,大家都是 nobody,所以都是小人物的有趣生活。 如果你也对这些小人物的生活感兴趣,不妨听听他们是怎么说的?


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Today's recommendation is a very interesting podcast channel A Nobody Podcast. During the National Day holiday, I came across their Youtube channel Hoi Ale, which is hosted by Ale. Ale was a front-end engineer working in China, and her husband, Xiao Liu, was also a software engineer. They relocated out the Netherlands in 2018, so both of Ale's channels started out focusing on immigration and life in the Netherlands. However, they invited many interesting guests to share their lives later, so their podcasts weren't limited to just the immigration anymore. As the name of the channel suggests, we are all nobody, so it's all about the interesting lives of nobody. If you're interested in the lives of the little people, why not listen to what they shared?


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