Daily Productive Sharing 040 - 两百多篇读书笔记

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(The English version follows)

如果我们读完一本书,认真做了笔记,并把笔记分享出来,会有怎样的效果?Derek Sivers 坚持分享了两百多本书,这是他的读书笔记集合:Books I’ve read。这一集合里有不少经典书,也有不少畅销书,大家可以通过顶部的搜索框查询自己感兴趣的书。

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What if we read a book, took careful notes, and shared them? Derek Sivers has consistently shared over two hundred books, and this is his collection of notes: Books I've Read. This collection includes a number of classics and bestsellers, so you can use the search to find books that interest you.

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