Daily Productive Sharing 058 - 两个 Khan Academy 创始人的访谈

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在线上公开课流行之前,Khan Academy 就已经默默地制作了不少优秀的课程。创始人 Sal Khan 原本只是为了辅导自己的 cousins 才制作了这些教学视频,没想到它们被分享之后,帮助了这么多人。NPR 的 How I Built This 在九月采访了 Sal Khan,Khan Academy: Sal Khan 这集就讲述了 Khan Academy 的成长史。最近的 TWIML 也采访了他,The Future of Education and AI with Sal Khan 里有个故事很让人感动。一个服刑犯靠着母亲手抄 Khan Academy 的教材,最终自学成才考入斯坦福。

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Khan Academy has been quietly producing great lessons before online public lessons (MOOC) became popular. NPR's How I Built This interviewed Sal Khan in September, Khan Academy: Sal Khan This episode is all about the history of Khan Academy's growth. He was also interviewed for a recent TWIML, The Future of Education and AI with Sal Khan There is a very moving story in the book. A prisoner was able to get into Stanford on his own by learning with the Khan Academy from his mother's transcripts.

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