Daily Productive Sharing 067 - 如何做读书笔记

One helpful tip per day:)

(The English version follows)

不知道大家做不做读书笔记?大家都是怎么做读书笔记的?今天的分享 How to take notes while reading a book 区分了不同类似的读书笔记方式,也介绍了一些记录笔记的方法。

我个人读 nonfiction 的时候,会把重要的信息点高亮出来,不同颜色的高亮表示不同的信息点:

  1. 红色是最重要的部分;
  2. 黄色是次重要的部分;
  3. 绿色是可执行的部分;
  4. 紫色是避免执行的部分;

这类书都在 Apple Books 里阅读,然后用 Knotes 导出到 Notion 里整理。

目前整理了不少书摘,可以在 我们的 Weekly Book Clubs 里找到。

至于比较重要的技术类书籍,我更喜欢使用 MarginNote 阅读,因为它可以很方便地提取整本书的框架,然后我可以把高亮部分和框架关联起来。最后可以导出为 mindmap。

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Do you take notes on the reading? How do you take notes while reading? Today's share How to take notes while reading a book distinguishes between different ways of taking notes and also introduces some of the Ways to record notes.

When I read nonfiction books, I highlight important information, with different colors highlighting to indicate different types of information.

  1. Red is the most important component.
  2. Yellow is the next most important component.
  3. Green is the operative part.
  4. Purple is the part to be avoided.

These books are read in Apple Books and then exported to Notion to organize with help of Knotes.

There are a number of book extracts that are currently available in our Weekly Book Clubs.

For the more important technical books, I prefer reading them in MarginNote because it's easy to extract the framework of the book and then I can associate the highlighted parts with the framework. Finally, I can export to a mindmap.

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