Daily Productive Sharing 071 - 数据科学的晋升方向

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(The English version follows)

尽管 data science 是当下非常火热的一个职业选择,作为一个跨领域的职位,这一位置的晋升之路也许并不那么明了。今天的推荐提供了四个更加专一的方向:

  1. 数据方向
  2. 产品方向
  3. 工程方向
  4. 商业方向

每一个方向都有不同的能力要求,所以需要在从事 data science 这一本职工作的同时,开始准备对应的技能。



Data Science Career Path & Progression

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While data science is a very hot career choice right now, as a cross-disciplinary position, the path to advancement in this position may not be clear. Today's recommendations offer four more specialized directions:

  1. Data orientation
  2. Product orientation
  3. Engineering orientation
  4. Commercial orientation

Each of these directions requires different skill set, so we need to start preparing the corresponding skills at the same time as we are working on our own job as a data scientist.

This promotion suggestion is also suitable for other careers from cross fields to specialized fields.

My personal choice would be the data plus engineering direction, and how about yours?

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