Daily Productive Sharing 098 - How to Reuse Your Notes?

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而今天的分享侧重介绍如何使用笔记。作者 Robin Sloan 是一位小说作者,使用 nvALT 随手记录自己的发现和感想,记录完之后,他有三种使用笔记的方法:

  1. 使用 nvALT 内建的搜索功能检索笔记;
  2. 浏览 nvALT 的笔记预览来获得灵感;
  3. 导出笔记到 SimpleNote,然后自己写了脚本,每天打开浏览器时,随机展示一条过往笔记;

第三点在我们之前介绍的 readwise 里也有,readwise 每天会随机选择你读书摘要里的一部分发送给你,帮助你回顾之前阅读里的要点。


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Today's sharing focuses on how to reuse notes. The author, Robin Sloan, is a fiction author who uses nvALT to record his discoveries and thoughts as he goes along, and has three ways to use his notes afterwards:

  1. use nvALT's built-in search function to retrieve notes.
  2. browse nvALT's note preview to get inspiration.
  3. export notes to SimpleNote and then writing his own script to show a random past note every day when he opens his browser.

The third way is also in readwise. readwise will randomly select a part of your reading summary and send it to you every day to help you review the main points in your previous reading.

How do you reuse their notes?

Tasting Notes with Robin Sloan - Superorganizers


This whole process of note-taking is a very gradual process of me finding my way towards something.
When you’re the kind of fiction writer that I am, you're constantly thinking of things, seeing things, reading things, overhearing things – and it turns out that how you take notice of those things can be really valuable in ways you can’t necessarily predict.
Sometimes I simply search through them by keyword or topic to find items that may be useful for whatever I’m working on at that moment.
It's also a pretty regular occurrence for me to just browse through my notes in a completely random fashion – it’s something I'll do over a cup of coffee.
I find that random searching like this has a lot of power to create unexpected connections in my brain; it can almost be like consulting the I Ching.
I’ve created a system so random notes appear every time I open a browser tab
I export my notes from nvALT into Simplenote, and just basically use that as a back-end database. That export then gets loaded into a server that I’ve set up to feed me a random note every time I open a blank browser tab.
When I get momentum with my work, I let it take over
One: You have to train yourself to notice things.
Two: Be very liberal about what you keep.