Daily Productive Sharing 121 - How to Review Yourself Weekly?

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2021年的第一个月已经过去,你的新年计划进度如何?如果还没有多少进度的话,不妨试试每周都做一次回顾,看看自己在本周做了写什么。身为律师的 David Sparks 同时经营着一个十分成功的 blog,他每周都会回顾自己的所作所为,从而及时调整。他建议:

  1. 事先为每周回顾订好时间,这样就不会错过;
  2. 事先为每周回顾制定好模版,这样就可以按部就班地填写;


  1. 在一张 Excel / Numbers 里列出自己所有账户,包括信用卡/借记卡/理财等账户;
  2. 每周日把每个账户余额或者欠款额记录在上面这张表格里;
  3. 利用内置的函数可以计算我的资产/欠债总额,也可以计算我这一周的消费总额;
  4. 利用内置的图表制作直观的趋势图。


  1. 每周我只要花十分钟就能掌握自己的财务状况;
  2. 不像笔笔记账,漏记一笔会很难过,这么记基本不会有这种负罪感,所以比较容易坚持。

既然我能这么坚持每周回顾自己的财务状况,那么按照 David 的建议每周回顾自己的生活也是可以建立起来的习惯,毕竟这可以当作是 habit-stacking。


The first month of 2021 has passed, how is your new year's resolution progressing? If you haven't made much progress, try doing a weekly review to see what you've done in the past week. David Sparks, a lawyer who also runs a very successful blog, reviews what he's done each week so he can make adjustments. He suggests:

  1. setting a time for the weekly review in advance so that you don't miss it.
  2. create an agenda for the weekly review beforehand so that you can fill it out step-by-step.

I haven't started trying this yet, but I do review my finances every week, and it's simple:

  1. list all of your accounts in an Excel / Numbers sheet, including credit/debit card, etc.
  2. record the balance or debt on each account in the above table every Sunday.
  3. use the built-in functions to calculate the total amount of my assets/debts and also the total amount of my spending for the week.
  4. using the built-in charts to create visual trend charts.

I have been doing this for two years and there are two obvious benefits to doing so.

  1. it only takes me ten minutes a week to understand on my finances.
  2. unlike pen and pencil bookkeeping, where I feel bad about missing a record, I don't feel this guilt, so it's easier to stick with.

Since I can keep reviewing my finances every week, following David's advice to review your life every week is also a habit you can build up, after all, it can be considered habit-stacking.

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The Essential Weekly Review


I think, overall, we don’t spend enough time checking in with ourselves.

I like to think of weekly reviews as compass checks.

I write down a few words, but more importantly, I force myself to do that compass check and make sure I’m actually marching in the right direction.

Moreover, once, you get rolling with a weekly review process, you’ll find it doesn’t take an extraordinary amount of time.

Schedule the time, and treat it as you would an appointment with someone else.

Once you start doing a weekly review, you’ll find ways to change and modify it to your needs.

I find it interesting that, for me, most weekly reviews are helpful in clearing out all those background processes in my brain and setting me up for a successful week.

If you haven’t tried weekly reviews, I would ask you to commit to a ten-week experiment.