Daily Productive Sharing 122 - How to Keep Reading Everyday?

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很多时候我们会被一本书的厚度吓到,然后就放弃阅读了,比如《尤利西斯》有上千页。如何解决这一问题呢?我们可以试试只给定一个小目标 -- 读25页,然后每天都去完成,这样坚持一个月就有750页,一大半《尤利西斯》就读完了。

我从去年第一天开始坚持每天使用 Apple Books 阅读半小时,坚持了十个月,读完了四十多本书,比前几年都多。之所以选择 Apple Books 是因为它内置了自动计时功能,这样就能确保自己无法偷懒,老老实实地读完三十分钟才算打卡完成。基于我的经历:

  1. 一开始可以把目标定的低一点,比如每天读书十分钟,只要让自己开始并能坚持下来即可;
  2. 不在于每天读多少,而在于能坚持几天。我最长的记录保持了162天,第163天忘了读,然后中断之后重启变得非常困难;




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Many times we are scared of the thickness of a book and then we give up reading it, for example, Ulysses has thousands of pages. How can we solve this problem? We can try to set only a small goal -- read 25 pages per day, so that we have 750 pages for a month, and a big portion of Ulysses can be finished.

I've been using Apple Books for half an hour a day since the first day last year, and I've read more than 40 books in ten months of last year, more than I have in the previous years. I chose Apple Books because it has a built in automatic timer, so I can make sure I can't slack off and read for thirty minutes before I clock out. Based on my experience:

  1. you can set a low goal at the beginning, such as reading for ten minutes a day, as long as you get yourself started and can stick to it.
  2. it's not about how much you read every day, but about how many days you can stick to it. My longest record lasted 162 days, and I forgot to read on the 163rd day, and then it became very difficult to restart after the interruption.

In the new year, I started the half-hour reading plan again, and I haven't broken it yet, and I have finished reading several books . If you also want to try, welcome to challenge my longest continuous reading days :)

Welcome to repost, thanks for sharing :)

# Just Twenty-Five Pages a Day

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The problem is, when you think about reading a book like that, even taking it off the shelf seems to generate anxiety.

The solution I devised for myself is a simple one I wanted to share. It’s 25 pages a day. That’s it. Just commit to that, and then do it.

What I have also found is that, when I commit to a minimum of 25 pages, I almost always read more.

This is how the great works gets read. Day by day. 25 pages at a time. No excuses.