Daily Productive Sharing 128 - Alternatives to Note-taking Apps

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今天的分享是一集 podcast,里面介绍了各种非传统意义上的笔记工具,或许可以提供一些新思路给大家:

  1. Draft - 集成各种工具的笔记中转站;
  2. MindNode - 可以转换各种格式的脑图工具;
  3. Keep It - 简单好用的笔记保存管理工具;
  4. Tot - 一个用颜色区分不同笔记的独特工具
  5. 还有很多其他工具都列在 show notes 里了




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Today's share is a podcast episode that introduces a variety of non-traditional note-taking tools that may open a new window for you:

  1. Draft - a note-taking staging area that integrates a variety of tools.
  2. MindNode - a brain mapping tool that can be converted into various formats.
  3. Keep It - a simple and useful tool for keeping notes.
  4. Tot - a unique tool for distinguishing different notes by colour
  5. there are many other tools listed in show notes

Do you know what other good note taking tools you use? Feel free to share.

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But some of them become his building blocks, the atomic units, the bricks that turn into his best-selling novels, his multimedia projects, or the olive grove that he runs with his partner.

Think about it: there’s no way to make a web page or a blog that is not an act of playing with its form at the same time as you're creating its content.

You have to save that stuff, because you have no idea how it might be useful later.

When I fill up a physical notebook, I'll go through it, acting as a sort of loose, first filter for the material I’ve accumulated. I’ll cross out a few things that are obviously garbage, but most of my notes make the cut, and I transcribe them into nvALT.

For me, the real power comes when ideas intermingle and I’m able to discover connections that I truly could never have dreamed of under normal conditions.