Daily Productive Sharing 133 - How to connect everything on your computer?

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当我们浏览网页时,我们会不由自主地点击相关链接,这些链接极大地方便我们查找相关内容。类似地,这几年兴起的 RoamResearch / Obsidian 等笔记工具也引入了双向链接的功能,将一份份笔记通过链接相互关联起来。如果我们享受这些便利的话,有没有想过可以把一切能链接的数据都链接起来?比如我们在做项目的时候,相关邮件/论文/笔记都可以链接起来。假如你在 macOS 平台下,可以试试今天分享中介绍的 Hook app,它可以将各种数据链接到一块,方便我们管理。

不知道在 Linux 或者 Windows 平台下有没有类似的工具,欢迎大家留言告诉我们:)



Linking and Contextual Computing

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When we browse the web, we can't help but click on links that make it easier for us to find relevant content. Similarly, note taking tools such as RoamResearch / Obsidian, which have emerged in the last few years, have introduced two-way linking, linking notes to each other. If we enjoy this, have we ever thought of linking all the data we can? For example, when we are working on a project, we can link up emails/papers/notes. If you are on macOS, you can try the Hook app as introduced in today's sharing, which can link all kinds of data together for easy management.

I don't know if there is a similar tool for Linux or Windows, please let us know in the comments :)

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Linking and Contextual Computing

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It is far better to jump straight from thought (I want to see the shrink ray project) to execution (looking at the shrink ray project) without the intervening steps of navigating through an app.

I keep URLs to tasks, calendar entries, notes entries, and other places where I often find myself working and want to go quickly to a particular spot on the internet. When you click that embedded link, you go straight to your destination. No distractions.

It is easy to forget these URL links work for web services. I have been trying out Hey.com for personal email, and one of the things I like about the service is that every email has an easy-to-grab web address.