Daily Productive Sharing 136 - Time Blocking VS. Hyper Scheduling

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最近几周,我们陆续介绍了 time blocking 和 hype scheduling 这两个规划时间的方法,他们有何不同?又如何将它们结合起来?今天的分享就解答了这两个问题,而且作者记录了历年来不断调整,不断改进自己时间规划的历程。

  1. 作者按照自己的工作习惯,在上午/下午安排不同的主题,然后将相关任务放到这些时间内;
  2. 每个任务根据自己的估计,事先安排时间;
  3. 注意给自己留一些空余时间,不要安排得太满;


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Work Blocks And Hyper-Scheduling

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In recent weeks, we have introduced time blocking and hype scheduling, two methods of planning time. And how do they fit together? Today's sharing answers these two questions, and the author has documented his journey of improving his time planning over the years.

  1. the author schedules different topics in the morning/afternoon according to his work habits, and then assigns the related tasks into those slots.
  2. schedule each task according to one's own estimation.
  3. leave some free time for themselves and not overschedule.

In simple terms, it is like we prepare a timetable as a syllabus for ourselves beforehand and then put specific tasks into it.

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Work Blocks And Hyper-Scheduling

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After years of working within external structures that told me where to be and what to work on, having to create my own routine out of thin air felt overwhelming.

A work block is a chunk of time you assign to a defined task or a group of similar tasks.

Work blocks can help you avoid constantly switching between tasks.

Work blocks also help you say no.

Self-reflection is essential to making any productivity idea practicable, and my approach was still too random.

Trying to do all my email in one big weekly batch seemed like a good idea. But it was exhausting and anxiety-inducing. Splitting that into two much smaller blocks proved to be efficient and enjoyable.

Plenty of white space is important. It makes it easier to cope with interruptions, tasks taking longer than expected.