Daily Productive Sharing 138 - How to Write Good Work Documents?

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  1. 提供一写足够好的文档样本,而不是完美的文档样本;
  2. 提供一些文档模版;
  3. 提供友善并且有用的反馈;
  4. 反馈时注重文档内容和质量,而不是文档格式;
  5. 提供一些文档教学



Mailbag: How to encourage good documents rather than perfect documents?

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How to write work documents and how to encourage colleagues to write work documents has always been a headache. In my past experience, if a question will be asked more than once, it is worthwhile to put it into a document. That way when asked again later, you can save a lot of time by just passing the document. This is the answer to why you write documentation, and today's share answers the question of how to encourage people to write documentation:

  1. There’s probably four people at your company who make documents uncomfortable.
  2. Provide a structured template and document lifecycle.
  3. There’s a teachable skill to reviewing documents.
  4. Provide a designated friendly reviewer / writing coach.
  5. Provide a repository of “golden documents” with the right quality level.

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Mailbag: How to encourage good documents rather than perfect documents?

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If documents are being shared late, it’s because some aspect of the sharing process is making authors uncomfortable.

A flexible document template will eliminate debate on structural issues.

A document lifecycle process will make it clear when to provide which kinds of feedback.

Focus feedback on the ideas rather than the format.

Going further, most folks don’t have much experience writing documents either!

Create a new list of “golden documents” which aren’t necessarily the best documents but instead those at the correct level of quality.