Daily Productive Sharing 141 - How to Reduce Distractions in Office?

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你是否也为工作时的干扰所困扰?比如时不时的微信提醒,或者没完没了的邮件?没错,大家都面临同样的挑战。举个例子:根据 RescureTime 的统计,大部分人会在收到邮件后的六分钟内就打开查看。


  1. 可以把接收邮件/查看消息的时间安排到一起,在剩下的时间内把这些工具关闭;
  2. 每天使用 time blocking 来规划自己的时间,在 block 时间内不看邮件或者消息。


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Communication Overload: Our research shows most workers can’t go 6 minutes without checking email or IM

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Are you also bothered by interruptions at work? Like the occasional Slack alert, or the endless emails? Yes, we all face the same challenges. For example: according to RescureTime, most people will open an email within six minutes of receiving it to check it.

How can you reduce similar interruptions?

  1. schedule incoming emails/checking messages together and turning these tools off for the rest of the time.
  2. use time blocking to plan your time each day so that you don't check emails or messages during the blocking time.

If you have better suggestions, please feel free to share them with us.

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Communication Overload: Our research shows most workers can’t go 6 minutes without checking email or IM

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But, if we’re constantly switching our focus to check emails or Slack messages, we never have the chance to truly focus on our most important work.

84% of users keep their inbox open in the background at all times with 70% of emails being opened within 6 seconds of receipt.

35.5% of workers check their email and IM every 3 minutes or less.

people who use Slack—a popular team communication tool meant to reduce email use—actually switched to communication tools more often.

Being aware of just how present they are can help us make better choices about how we use them.

Many productivity experts have suggested batching communications into specific blocks during the day.

While others have suggested committing to an hour or more of focused work without email or IM during parts of your day when you’re less likely to be needed (like early in the morning).However, while communication tools are great for giving us quick access to the answers we need, they’re also a constant source of interruption to our focused work.