Daily Productive Sharing 149 - What is Wrong With Work-life Balance?

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work-life balance 是很多朋友在追寻的目标,也是很多公司吸引人才的一个卖点。今天的分享中,作者 Anne-Laure Le Cunff 提供了另外一个角度:原先的工作可能只是狭义的体力劳动,而今天很多人的工作是创意性的工作。将创意性工作与生活分开可能很困难,与其一直追求分开,不如尝试更好地将两者结合到一起。




The problem with work-life balance

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Work-life balance is a goal that many of you are pursuing and is a selling point for many companies to attract talent. In today's presentation, author Anne-Laure Le Cunff offers a different perspective: where work may have been narrowly defined as physical work, today many people's work is creative work. It can be difficult to separate creative work from life, and instead of always striving for separation, we should try to better integrate the two.

Perhaps this is a very French idea, and I wonder what people think of this?

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The problem with work-life balance

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The concept of work-life balance implies that work is bad and life is good; it suggests that work and life are two dichotomous entities that need to be strictly separated and kept at an equilibrium.

Because, historically, work was a necessary hardship—from latin labor “toil, exertion”—it’s no wonder we see it in a negative light.

If the older definitions of work seemed to deem it a way to sustain the body, many modern forms of work offer an opportunity to sustain the mind.

The alternative is to embrace the chaotic and serendipitous nature of life, to accept that some periods of your life will be filled with work.

Instead of feeling ashamed because you’re currently on a work-life rollercoaster, raise your hands and laugh when you’re at the top of the tracks, and get ready for when the train goes down.