Daily Productive Sharing 152 - Why Speeding Reading is Bullshit?

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  1. 好书就像好的性爱一样,你希望它一直能延续下去;
  2. 好好读和快速读是两码事,好好读需要时间;
  3. 最好的速度方式其实是多读书,只有多读书,你才能构建起一个基础知识库。Daily Productive Sharing 142 - 20210302



Speed Reading is Bullshit

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We may often see speed reading techniques of one sort or another, and today's share is against what is called speed reading: the

  1. good books are like good sex, you want it to go on forever
  2. reading well and reading fast are two different things, and reading well takes time.
  3. the best way to speed read is actually to read more, and only by reading more can you build a base knowledge base. Daily Productive Sharing 142 - 20210302

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Speed Reading is Bullshit

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The best way to read faster is to read more.

A good book, like good sex or a date, is something you don’t want to end.

And as the famous physicist Richard Feynman said, “you are the easiest person to fool”.

Reading fast is not thinking.

Reading fast gives you two things that should never mix: surface knowledge and overconfidence.

If you speed-read, you’re incurring invisible costs that show up later in your lack of real understanding.

The secret to reading better is reading lots of good books slowly. This enables you to build knowledge.

If you want to be different, invest the time you have in reading good books correctly.