Daily Productive Sharing 156 - How to Plan With a Calendar?

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I will work on TASK on DAY at TIME in PLACE.




How to Use a Calendar

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When we discuss time management, we sometimes confuse to-do lists with calendars. Today's share details how to use a calendar for management, and the philosophy behind it. According to the author time management can be planned using a formula:

I will work on TASK on DAY at TIME in PLACE.

And the great thing about calendars is that they visualise these plans and give us a better idea of what we have to do next.

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How to Use a Calendar

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And by placing your tasks onto your calendar, you have far more control over them AND you are about three (3!) times more likely to actually get them done.
  1. Get clear on what is most important
  2. Plan when you will do that thing
  3. Follow through on your commitment
  4. Celebrate your progressAt the beginning of my week, I list out the most important things I want or need to get done this week.

    By limiting my weekly projects, I’m merely being reasonable and honest with myself.

    I usually do this by trying to give a “theme” to a day of the week, like “Project A” on Monday and “Project B” on Thursday

    The goal of my weekly planning time is to make some decisions about WHAT I will be working on and WHEN I will be working on it.

    I will work on TASK on DAY at TIME in PLACE.

    Without a plan for when you need your tasks done, and without an idea of the time needed for your tasks, you will find yourself procrastinating your to-do list while reacting to the things that pop up in your schedule.