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Basecamp 从创建开始就是一家远程工作公司,联合创始人 Jason Fried 指出远程工作并不是办公室工作的替代,而是一种不同的工作形式,它赋予更多的信任,更大的空间,更多的自主性。所以拿办公室工作来规划/要求远程工作是行不通的。

FT 最近也报道了英国智库建议将远程办公作为默认工作方式,这种模式除了对于被雇佣者和雇佣者的改变之外,也会对当地的经济产生不小的变化。




Remote work is not local work at a distance

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Basecamp has been a remote working company since beginning, and co-founder Jason Fried points out that remote working is not a replacement for office work, but a different form of work that gives more trust, more space, and more autonomy. So it doesn't work to plan/require remote work in terms of office work.

The FT also reported recently on a UK think tank's recommendation to make telecommuting the default way of working, a model that would make a significant difference to the local economy, in addition to the changes it would make for employees and employers.

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Remote work is not local work at a distance

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The web became great when designers started designing for the web, not bringing other designs to the web.

Porting things between platforms is common, especially when the new thing is truly brand new (or trying to gain traction

Stuff that’s ported lacks the native sensibilities of the receiving platform.

In-office and remote work are different platforms of work.

Simulating in-person office work remotely does both approaches a disservice.

They’ll have discovered that remote work means more autonomy, more trust, more uninterrupted stretches of time, smaller teams, more independent, concurrent work (and less dependent, sequenced work).

Work remotely, don’t port the office.