Daily Productive Sharing 163 - How to Track Your Habits in a Simple Way?

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我们在 Weekly Book Club 023 - 20210320 推荐了 Atomic Habits 这本书,其中有一个观点是,记录自己的习惯本身也是一个很好的习惯,而且可以激励我们养成好习惯。无独有偶,今天的分享中,作者在一张简单的表格上记录并回顾自己的习惯,坚持了四年之后,这张简单的表格变成了一个非常精细的系统,帮助他更好地成长。



walrOS: A Life Operating System

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We recommended the book Atomic Habits in Weekly Book Club 023 - 20210320 and one of the ideas was that keeping track of our habits is a good habit in itself and can inspire us to develop good habits. It is no coincidence that in today's share, the author recorded and reviewed his habits on a simple form and after sticking to it for four years, this simple form turned into a very elaborate system that helped him grow better.

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walrOS: A Life Operating System

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Over the years, my version of Franklin's spreadsheet has evolved into a kind of personal "life operating system" that I call walrOS.

walrOS these days helps me stay accountable to 16 daily habits, track my time via a set of command line tools, manage finances, and durably learn new ideas by reminding me to review them at the right times.

walrOS started out dead simple as a single sheet with four columns tracking four core habits: sleep well, exercise, meditate, and update habit tracker.

Over time, working on (and tracking) these simple, first order habits helped bootstrap the crucial second order habit: the habit of being on the lookout for other useful habits to add to the repertoire.

A habit of engineering habits for yourself is the one habit to rule them all.

One thing that came out of this for me is the habit of learning better by using spaced repetition. The idea behind it is to successively review things you learn, not immediately, but only as you're starting to forget them.

Another big habit for me has been waking up early and working on the single most important thing before doing anything else.