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我们曾经在 Daily Productive Sharing 145 - 20210305 中分享过 Software is eating the world 这篇十年前的文章,没错从十年前开始,软件就慢慢渗透到各行各业各个领域;而今天的文章讲述了更新的趋势:很多瞄准传统领域的公司生而为软件公司,从而直接改变了该领域的游戏规则,而且这样的趋势越来越快。

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Outgrowing software

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In Daily Productive Sharing 145 - 20210305, we shared the article Software is eating the world from ten years ago, and yes, since ten years ago, software has been slowly penetrating all sectors of industry; today's article is about a newer trend: many companies targeting traditional fields are born as software companies, thus directly changing the rules of the game in that field, and this trend is getting faster and faster.

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Outgrowing software

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  • Now there’s a generation of companies that both create software and use it themselves to enter another industry, and often to change it.
  • Walmart was built on trucking and freeways (and computers), but Walmart is a retailer, not a trucking company: it used trucks to change retail. Now people do the same with software.
  • Just as for music, there’s no strategic leverage, and total US book market revenues last year were perhaps $25bn, where Amazon’s US revenue was $260bn. No-one in tech cares about online book sales or ebooks.
  • total recorded music industry revenues were less than $20bn last year (half the peak in 2000), where Apple’s were $215bn. No-one cares about music anymore.
  • Technology (and now lockdown) broke apart the old model and changed all the rules, but the questions about the new models are TV and cinema questions, not software questions.
  • The car industry probably created more millionaires in retail and real estate than in the actual car industry - making cars was just one industry, but mass car ownership changed everything else.
  • At a certain point, everyone has grown up with this stuff, everything is a software company, and the important questions are somewhere else.