Daily Productive Sharing 168 - Where Can Writing Bring Us to?

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写作能带给我们什么?也许是一个巨大的机会。Basecamp 的联合创始人 Jason Fries 在二十年前因为一个正则表达式的问题在网上求助,另一位联合创始人 DHH 看到这则求助,然后回邮件提供了帮助。自此两人开始了一段长达二十年的合作。

类似的例子还有很多,比如我们写了一份简历之后,把它挂在 LinkedIn 上,也许哪天就被某位猎头看到了,然后就获得了面试机会。你有什么奇妙的写作收获和我们分享吗?



It all began with an email

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What can writing bring to the table? Perhaps a great opportunity. Jason Fries, co-founder of Basecamp, asked for help online twenty years ago with a regular expression problem, and DHH, another co-founder, saw the request and emailed back to offer help. The two have been working together for twenty years since.

There are many other examples, such as writing a CV, putting it up on LinkedIn and then maybe one day a headhunter sees it and gets an interview. Do you have any fantastic writing tips to share with us?

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It all began with an email

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