Daily Productive Sharing 169 - How to Attend Conferences?

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  1. 不要单独用餐,毕竟这是社交的好机会,可以在这个时间迅速地认识其他人;
  2. 去那些没什么人的海报聊聊,可以和这些海报的创作者深入地讨论,一来可以获得更多知识,二来也可以让对方不那么尴尬;
  3. 在会上结交了新朋友之后,记得回去发邮件保持联系,但是第一封邮件可以晚点发,毕竟其他人都会立马发,我们可以等一等再发。




Rules for Conferences

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How do you attend an exhibition? How do you attend academic conferences? These conferences generally serve two purposes: to introduce your work to people and to meet more people through this opportunity. Today's share presents a lot of advice on attending conferences, and there are a number of very practical suggestions in it, such as

  1. don't eat alone, after all it is a great opportunity to socialise and get to know other people quickly at this time.
  2. go to the posters where there were not many people to talk to, where you could have an in-depth discussion with the creators of these posters, both to gain more knowledge and to make it less awkward for them.
  3. after making new friends at the conference, remember to go back and email to keep in touch, but the first email can be sent later, after all, everyone else will send it right away, we can wait a bit before sending it.

Do you have any advice to share about attending the conference? Feel free to leave a comment.

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Rules for Conferences

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