Daily Productive Sharing 170 - How to Stay Alone but Not Feel Longly?

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  1. 独处是孤身一人但与外界保持联系,孤独是不管身处何方,心态上与外界没有联系;
  2. 独处是我们人生中不可缺少的一环,在独处的时光里,我们可以回顾人生,我们可以做做白日梦;
  3. 独处是一种主动选择,而孤独可能是一种被动状态。




Solitude v Loneliness

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Do you like to be alone? Do you loathe solitude? How do you distinguish between the two? How can you be better at being alone?

  1. solitude is being alone but staying connected to the outside world, loneliness is being mentally unconnected to the outside world, no matter where you are.
  2. solitude is an indispensable part of our lives, a time in which we can look back on our lives and we can daydream.
  3. solitude is an active choice, whereas loneliness can be a passive state.

What do you do when you are alone? And how do you avoid feeling lonely? Feel free to share with us in the comments.

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Solitude v Loneliness

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I love solitude, but my quest for it often tips me into loneliness. It is a difficult balance to find.

Loneliness is a negative state, marked by a sense of isolation.

Solitude is the state of being alone without being lonely.

Solitude is desirable, a state of being alone where you provide yourself wonderful and sufficient company.

Solitude is something you choose. Loneliness is imposed on you by others.

Some solitude is essential; It gives us time to explore and know ourselves.

Solitude restores body and mind. Lonelinesss depletes them.