Daily Productive Sharing 173 - How to Write Better in Work?

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(The English version follows)



  1. 不要追求完美的语法,但也不能轻视语法;
  2. 任何写作都要考虑目标受众,尽量使用他们能够理解的语言来写作;
  3. 任何写作明确目标,有目标的写作才有可能是有效的写作;
  4. 有条件的话,可以寻求一些写作辅助,比如校对,自动化的语法工具等等;



Why Everyone on Your Team Should Strive for Good Writing

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Written communication and verbal communication are two essential skills at work, and with the popularity of remote work, the former has become especially important. So how can we improve our written communication at work? Today's share gave some advice:

  1. do not strive for perfect grammar, but do not ignore grammar either.
  2. consider the target audience for any writing and try to write in a language they can understand.
  3. be clear about the goal of any writing and that writing with a goal is likely to be effective writing.
  4. to seek some writing assistance, such as proofreading, automated grammar tools, etc., if possible.

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Why Everyone on Your Team Should Strive for Good Writing

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  • Writing has become even more essential with the rise of chat tools like Slack, as well as the increase in remote work.
  • Your goal in fostering good writing is to help employees communicate effectively. Grammar, in the end, is just a set of rules designed to ensure folks understand your writing.
  • Every piece of writing has a purpose.
  • If a person’s writing achieves its intended purpose, chances are it’s good writing.
  • Poor writing forces the reader to invest additional time and energy into deciphering the intended message.
  • Writing clearly, on the other hand, demonstrates that the writer respects the reader’s time.
  • Self-reflection has the power to improve well-being and performance.