Daily Productive Sharing 178 - How to Keep Blogging?

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如何坚持写作是一个热门话题,坚持写了十五年的 Macdrifter 的作者给出了自己的见解:

  1. 只管写,别管那个话题有多烂,烂不烂交由读者去评价;
  2. 不要写人家已经写了的话题,那样不会有多少人来读;
  3. 不要开启评论,大部分评论都是无用的;



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How to keep writing is a popular topic, and the author of Macdrifter, who has been writing for fifteen years, gives his insights.

  1. just write, never mind how bad the topic is, and leave it to the reader to judge whether it sucks or not.
  2. don't write about a topic that has already been written about, it won't be read by many people.
  3. don't open comments, as most of them are useless.

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Write down even your most stupid ideas. Sometimes ideas just need to percolate before I decide they are actually stupid enough to publish.

Don’t write about the same things that other people write about.

Pick an area of the internet where you mostly get along with people and enjoy their virtual companionship, then develop strong bias’ about that corner and write ad nauseam about it.

Do not enable comments unless you are also willing to invite people into your outhouse for a buddy-deuce.

People love to read about your purchases because it makes them feel better about their own poor judgement.