Daily Productive Sharing 179 - How to Succeed with Writing?

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David Perell 是一位知名的 blog 作者,谁曾想过他曾经是一个标准的差生,本科的写作课只有 C;今天的他不但自己在写作上大获成功,而且还组织了几期网络写作课,帮助更多的人写好文章。今天的分享就是来自他的网络写作课经历。



The Story of Write of Passage

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David Perell is a well-known blogger, who would have thought that he was once a standard poor student with a C in his undergraduate writing course; today he is not only successful in his own writing, but also organises several online writing courses to help more people write well. Today's share is from his online writing class experience.

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The Story of Write of Passage

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A course called Building a Second Brain unlocked my passion for writing, which became the cornerstone of Write of Passage.

I graduated high school with a 2.8 GPA, college with a 2.9, and my SAT scores weren’t any better.

We raised the price by 50% (from $800 to $1,200) and still increased the number of new student sign-ups: 130 new students and 68 returning alumni signed up for a total of 198 students.

If you want to start an online business in the future, start writing now and don’t pander.

Morgan Housel once wrote: “Marketing is increasingly cheap. Trust is increasingly expensive.”