Daily Productive Sharing 182 - Why Stop Reading News?

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你的手机了里装了多少个新闻 app?你每天花多少时间浏览新闻?新闻真的会让我们变得更有知识吗?今天的分享里,作者有着完全不同的建议 -- 停止阅读新闻。在他看来:

  1. 新闻不会让我们变得更聪明,更有知识,反而会让我们变得更有偏见;
  2. 新闻的质量不断下降,速度不断变快,也更加有成瘾性;




Why You Should Stop Reading News

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How many news apps do you have on your phone and how much time do you spend browsing the news every day? Does the news really make us more knowledgeable? In today's episode, the author has a completely different advice - stop reading the news. In his opinion:

  1. the news does not make us smarter and more knowledgeable, but rather more biased.
  2. the quality of news keeps decreasing, but the speed of news keeps getting faster and news becomes more addictive.

How do you feel about the news? Feel free to share with us in the comments.

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Why You Should Stop Reading News

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The problem is news doesn’t make us informed. In fact, the more news we consume the more misinformed we become.

News is, by definition, something that doesn’t last.

First, the speed of news delivery has increased.

Second, the cost to produce news has dropped significantly.

Third, like other purveyors of drugs, producers of news want you to consume more of it.

Fourth, the incentives are misaligned.

Like a drug, the news is addictive.

Your attention is valuable.