Daily Productive Sharing 183 - How to Write Good Sentences?

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(The English version follows)


什么是好的写作?今天的分享带我们从句子的层面来探讨这一问题,David Perell 总结了如何写出好句子:

  • Create a rhythm -- 长短句结合
  • Link your sentences -- 让句子承上启下
  • Eliminate anything that adds confusion -- 删除无用信息
  • Add colorful details -- 给句子润色
  • Remove unnecessary details -- 删除无用信息



Write CLEAR Sentences

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What is good writing? In today's sharing, we look at this question at the level of the sentence, and David Perell summarises how to write good sentences.

  • Create a rhythm
  • Link your sentences
  • Eliminate anything that adds confusion
  • Add colorful details
  • Remove unnecessary details

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Write CLEAR Sentences

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The easiest way to add rhythm to your writing is to vary sentence length.

Short sentences speed things up, and long sentences slooooooowwwwww things down.

Every sentence should follow from the one before it, lead into the one after it, and connect with the paragraph’s topic sentence.

Read your writing out-loud, and mark the places where you stumble.

A sentence that’s easier to translate is also easier to understand.

Good writing packs a tremendous amount of information in a small number of words.