Daily Productive Sharing 186 - How Do Five Minutes A Day Change You?

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你是否相信五分钟的改变能够创造很大的变化?五分钟虽少,但是积累起来,也是非常客观的数字。今天的分享来自 Big Little Breakthroughs 这本书的作者 Josh Linker。他解释了为什么每天五分钟的改变会带来很大的变化。




I'm Innovation Expert and 'Big Little Breakthroughs' Author Josh Linker, and This Is How I Work

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Do you believe that a five-minute change can create a big difference? Five minutes is a small amount, but it adds up to a very significant number. Today's share comes from Josh Linker, author of the book Big Little Breakthroughs, who explains why five minutes of change a day can make a big difference.

Just as we share one article a day, it's a simple thing to do, but after almost 200 articles I've seen a qualitative change. I have selected them carefully, read them carefully and summarised them carefully before sharing them. For myself, I have absorbed these articles better. I hope, of course, that you will improve after reading as well.

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I'm Innovation Expert and 'Big Little Breakthroughs' Author Josh Linker, and This Is How I Work

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Linker believes that everyone has deep reserves of creativity and ingenuity, and the beauty of such a philosophy boils down to its simplicity: It only takes five minutes a day to make the most of this innate ability and you don’t need to follow a secret recipe to make it a reality.

In contrast, micro-innovations are far less risky, accessible to all, and a great way to build creative skills. Further, small wins add up to meaningful results.

By tapping into small, daily acts of innovation across my entire team, we were able to grow to become the leading company in our industry.

To me, a small win is still a win as long as the innovation creates some utility value.

I hate using words like “must,” but I believe the most productive approach to harness innovation and build creative capacity is to focus on daily practice.

The crucial element is making it a deliberate, daily habit.