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每当写文章的时候,我们就会纠结写得好不好?或许这是因为我们把写作和编辑两件事放在一起做了。Jerry Seinfeld 则建议把写作和编辑分开来:

  1. 在写作阶段只关注数量,不要关注质量,尽可能多地记下你的想法;
  2. 在编辑阶段只关注质量,包括结构,风格和遣词造句。
  3. 千万不要把上面两者混在一起,那样非常低效。




The Jerry Seinfeld Guide to Writing

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Whenever we write an article, we struggle with how well we've written it. Perhaps this is because we do both writing and editing together, while Jerry Seinfeld suggests separating writing and editing.

  1. Focus only on quantity in the writing phase, not quality, and jot down as many of your ideas as possible.
  2. In the editing stage, focus only on quality, including structure, style and phrasing.
  3. Never mix the two above, it is very inefficient.

This strategy applies to all kinds of writing, whether it is an academic paper or a CV, try it. Do you have any writing tips? Feel free to share them with us in the comments.

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The Jerry Seinfeld Guide to Writing

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Writing and editing should be separate activities.

I have one rule: write down every epiphany immediately. The more, the merrier.

If this creation mode is defined by quantity, the subsequent editing mode is defined by quality.

Ultimately, I want to make my writing so clear that my reader forgets they’re reading.

Sometimes, I’ll print out individual paragraphs, throw them all on the floor, and organize them by hand.

We see the act of writing as a process of switching back and forth between two modes of being.

Create first, edit second, and never do them at the same time.