Daily Productive Sharing 193 - Why Should Your Take Notes?

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如同相册,笔记也可以带我们时空旅行,这听起来很神奇是吧?David Perell 在今天的分享中介绍了笔记的重要性:

  1. 笔记本如同一个储蓄罐,平时一点点的累计,最终会带给你极大的回报;
  2. 笔记也有复利效应,记下的点滴笔记会帮你把信息串联起来,这样带来的收获可能远远超出你的预期;
  3. 记笔记本身就是一个创作过程,它可以大大减轻面对一张白纸而创作的痛苦;
  4. 记笔记可以拓展创作过程,让你的创意工作小火慢炖,而不是大火急烤;
  5. 值得随时记录的笔记大致有四种:inspiring / useful / personal / easy to lose




Note-Taking is Time Travel

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Like a photo album, notes can take us on a journey through time and space, which sounds amazing, doesn't it?

  1. notebooks are like a savings pot, where a little bit of accumulation will eventually bring you great returns.
  2. note-taking has a compounding effect, as the bits and pieces of notes you write down will help you connect the dots, which may bring you much more than you expected.
  3. note-taking is a creative process in itself, which can greatly reduce the pain of creating in the face of a blank sheet of paper.
  4. note-taking expands the creative process, allowing your creative work to simmer slowly rather than roast over a large fire.
  5. there are four kinds of notes that are worth taking at any time: inspiring / useful / personal / easy to lose

Do you take notes? Have any experience to share with us?

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Note-Taking is Time Travel

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Note-taking works the same way. It’s not just about saving quotes and shopping lists. It’s about having conversations with your past and future self so you can develop ideas over time.