Daily Productive Sharing 194 - How to Hire Me?

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(The English version follows)



  1. 工作要是有意思或者有挑战的;
  2. 不能是全职工作,必须是兼职或者远程可安排时间的;
  3. 面试时不能有技术面或者代码面;
  4. 雇佣者想付多少钱就付多少钱。




Hire me and pay what you want, just give me interesting work

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Today's share comes from a very personal Italian engineer who posted a job ad on his website, which states his dream job:

  1. the job must be interesting or challenging.
  2. it cannot be a full-time job, but must be part-time or remotely available.
  3. no technical or coding interviews.
  4. the hirer can pay as much as they want.

From the perspective of both the candidate or the hirer, what do you think the odds are that he will find his dream job? Don't forget checking his CV.

Hire me and pay what you want, just give me interesting work

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  • Work takes up such a big part of your life that what you do is terribly important.
  • Accepting a job offer is a bit like getting engaged or married: you know will have to make compromises to make it work, but you should not go for it unless you’re 100% sure and obviously you should not marry someone you don’t know.
  • When you begin to have an understanding of who this person really is, you will already be invested and leaving will be hard.
  • I have a few ideas on what I want from work, so this is what I came up with: what if I make the rules? In exchange, you make the price.
  • Interesting work means work that I think is inherently technically interesting or that will improve my skills in a direction I like.
  • Meaningful work means work that I care about at a humanitarian/social level.
  • I believe you should work to make your life go in a direction that aligns with your ideas starting from first principles, and this is my way to do it.