Daily Productive Sharing 196 - The Advantages of Checklists

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至于如何制作清单,不妨参考 The Checklist Manifesto 这本书。



The Checklist Habit

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How to effectively avoid systematic errors?

How to effectively avoid repetitive errors?

Probably the best way is to add the above issues to a list and then check them against the list before each execution.

A better way is to make these checklist items into automatic steps, which further simplifies the execution and avoids the possibility of forgetting to check them.

As for how to make a checklist, you may want to refer to the book The Checklist Manifesto.

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The Checklist Habit

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Throughout the history of aviation, whenever there has been a crash, pilots have responded by creating a new checklist or improving an existing one.

That way, the problems of the past are prevented for the future.

Like the aviation industry, you shouldn’t stop at checklists. Look for systemic issues and identify repeated mistakes.

One-time problems are fine; repeated ones are a failure.

When you’re fully dependent on your memory, consider making a checklist.

Don’t under-estimate the compounding benefits of fixing small operational leaks.

Improvements shouldn’t end with checklists. Once you’ve externalized your system, you should try to automate it.

Work in systems. The faster you can create checklists for the business, the faster you can automate it. And the faster you can automate it, the more profitable the business will be.i