Daily Productive Sharing 204 - What Kind of Work Shall I choose?

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  1. 可以展示给别人看的工作;
  2. 那些别人看得到的工作;
  3. 或者你能拥有的工作。

也许这些在 996 的大环境之下很难实现,当然换个角度想,如果我们能在 996 的大环境下还能实现这些,这不更好地证明我们的实力吗?



Don't End The Week With Nothing

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What if your daily work is uninteresting? Continue to feel bored, or change jobs? Or find something to do on your own? In today's sharing, the author suggests doing these:

  1. jobs that can be shown to others,
  2. jobs that others can see,
  3. or jobs you can own.

Maybe these are difficult to achieve in the environment of 996 (working from 9am-9pm, six days a week, very popular in China), but if we can achieve them in the environment of 996, it is a better proof of our strength.

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Don't End The Week With Nothing

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  • Human capital -- the skills you've built up over time and the value you're able to create as a result of them.
  • Social capital -- the ability to call on someone who trusts you and have them do something in your interest, like e.g. recommend you to a job.
  • Reputational capital -- the way your name rings out in rooms you aren't even in, simply when your topic of expertise comes up. (Hopefully in a good way!)
Nothing I did at the job mattered, in the long run.

Don't end the week with nothing. Prefer to work on things you can show. Prefer to work where people can see you. Prefer to work on things you can own.

Because when your work is in public, you can show it to people.

if you have the choice between multiple jobs, all else being equal, pick the one where you are able to show what you've worked on.

Write about those lessons as you learn them. If at all possible, publish what you write. Even if it is published to an audience of no one, you will be able to point people back to it later.

The failures and false starts aren't extremely interesting to most people, but having some successes under your belt credibly demonstrates that you're capable of either reproducing them in the future or experimenting your way to new successes in your new environment.

If you cannot build things you can show at work, you should build things you can show outside of work.

Most engineering work isn't intrinsically sexy. I would, however, optimize for impact and visibility.

Don't try to make a career out of optimizing the SQL queries to display a preference page on a line of business app at a company that no one has ever heard of.

An observation: every developer evangelist I know goes into a much better job right after they quit being an evangelist.

If you cannot gain exposure at your day job, try to get some exposure outside of it.

widespread employee ownership of the enterprise is one of the single best innovations in the history of capitalism.

Here's everything you need to know: buy broad market index funds in your tax-advantaged accounts.

Consumption Is Sometimes Valuable, But Creation Moves You Forward.