Daily Productive Sharing 205 - How to Learn Publicly?

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最好的学习方式是什么?每个人可能都有不同的见解。今天的分享中,作者认为是公开学习,把你的问题公开出来,可以获得大家的帮助,反过来你的问题也许能帮到其他人。在这一过程中,你可能获得行业的顶尖高手的点拨,从而避免很多弯路。比如程序员喜欢在 Github 或者 StackOverflow 上求助,经常会有高人出现指点,也许一个回答就一两句话,但效果惊人。另一方面,这些问题会一直留在这些网页上,有类似问题的程序员很容易就通过搜索找到这些答案,从而大大节省时间。




Learn In Public: The fastest way to learn

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What is the best way to learn? Everyone may have a different opinion. In today's sharing, the author believes it is public learning, putting your questions out in the open to get help from someone else, and in turn your questions may help others. In the process, you may get help from the top experts in the industry, thus avoiding many detours. For example, programmers like to ask for help on Github or StackOverflow, and often a more experienced person will provide solutions, maybe an answer is just a sentence or two, but effective. On the other hand, these questions stay on the Internet, and other programmers with similar questions can easily find these answers by searching, thus saving a lot of time.

Of course asking questions online isn't the only way to learn publicly, you can also keep a learning journal, make learning videos, and so on. For example, our mailing list is also a public learning approach, so people can see what I've read.

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Learn In Public: The fastest way to learn

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  • Don't judge your results by "claps" or retweets or stars or upvotes - just talk to yourself from 3 months ago.
  • by far the biggest beneficiary of you trying to help past you is future you.
  • If you're tired of creating one-off things, start building a persistent knowledge base that grows over time. Open Source your Knowledge! At every step of the way: Document what you did and the problems you solved.
  • Try your best to be right, but don't worry when you're wrong.
  • Don't assume you know everything, but try your best anyway, and let the internet correct you when you are inevitably wrong.
  • People think you suck? Good. You agree. Ask them to explain, in detail, why you suck.
  • You want to just feel good or you want to be good?
  • Because you learn in public. By teaching you, they teach many. You amplify them. You have one thing they don't: a beginner's mind.
  • 80% of developers are "dark", they dont write or speak or participate in public tech discourse. But you do.