Daily Productive Sharing 207 - How to Read Like A Writer?

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Reading To Become A Better Writer

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Although there are various book lists on the market, they all have more or less the same problem, that is, the list makers have made recommendations largely to show their own reading tastes, and do not consider the acceptance of the audience. In fact, this is also a curse of knowledge. As for how to overcome the curse of choosing books, we can only find the right reading material for us by reading more and trying more by ourselves. Of course how to read is also crucial.

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Reading To Become A Better Writer

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Book recommendations often say more about the people making the recommendations than the needs of those asking for something to read.

People want to look clever and sophisticated so they recommend the heaviest and most difficult books they’ve read.

Regardless of whether you’re a photographer, musician, or writer, how you consume is just as important as what you consume.

Read writers who write the way you want to write. Read the writers your readers enjoy. Remember to read like an artist and read like a writer – using your reading as a way to become a better writer yourself.