Daily Productive Sharing 208 - How to Build Your Personal Brand?

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  1. GitHub: 对于程序员或者 CS 相关专业的同学而言,这可能是除了简历以外最具说服力的档案了;
  2. Stackoverflow: 和上面类似,如果你在 StackoverFlow 回答了很多问题,同样可以证明你的实力;
  3. Kaggle: 如果你想申请算法开发相关工作,拿到 Kaggle 竞赛名次也是很不错的力证;
  4. Coursera / EdX 等 MOOC 证书:不同于传统证书,这些线上课程的证书都可以公开,其他人很容易就能检索到;
  5. Dribble / Behance: 如果你从事设计相关工作,在这两个网站上简历自己的作品集恐怕是最好的被动简历了;
  6. Blog / newsletter / personal site:如果你从事的工作和上面都没关系,也可以试试这三种方式;
  7. Notion: 当然最后也可以试试用 Notion 搭建自己的简历或者作品集。




Craft Your Personal Brand In 2021

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We recently covered how to create a passive resume, which lists a large number of passive resume placement channels.

  1. GitHub: for programmers or CS-related majors, this is probably the most persuasive profile other than a resume.
  2. Stackoverflow: similar to the above, if you answer a lot of questions on StackoverFlow, you can prove yourself as well.
  3. Keggle: If you want to apply for a job related to algorithm development, getting a ranking in the Keggle competition is also a good proof.
  4. MOOC certificates such as Coursera / EdX: Unlike traditional certificates, certificates from these online courses are publicly available and can be easily retrieved by others.
  5. Dribble / Behance: If you work in design-related jobs, your portfolio on these two sites is the best passive resume.
  6. Blog / newsletter / personal site: if you are engaged in the work and the above are not related, you can also try these three ways.
  7. Notion: Of course, you can also try to build your own resume or portfolio with Notion.

In fact, in the end, all these are building our own personal brand, which can make other people actively find you. Whether it's writing well or drawing beautifully, these can greatly enhance your personal brand. As for what personal branding is, why not read today's share?

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Craft Your Personal Brand In 2021

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Fine-tuning my personal brand has always been a part of my life.

More than just a logo or packaging design, a brand is a story. Most importantly it’s a story about trust.

The way you act, the things you do, and how you do them, that’s your brand.

Skills like typing, creating presentations, or communicating electronically went from being specialist tasks to things everyone was expected to do for themselves.

Particularly because cultivating a personal brand puts you on a powerful path to personal freedom.

You clarify what you stand for in a way that lets people rally around you.

Some people won’t like your brand. That’s cool. Those people aren’t for you anyway. They were never going to cheer your successes or support you in the tough times.

Brands are as much about what they don’t offer as what they do.