Daily Productive Sharing 212 - Why Readwise?

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我们已经多次推荐了 Readwise 这一阅读神器,今天的分享介绍了作者为何如此喜欢 Readwise:

  1. 如果读到一些让我们产生共鸣的段落,我们会非常开心,而 Readwise 可以更好地帮助我们记录并回顾这些;
  2. 将不同书中的内容串联起来并不容易,而 Readwise 可以通过标记等等方式,让这件事变得很容易。




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We've recommended Readwise as a reading tool several times, and today's share describes why the author likes Readwise so much:

  1. we are very happy if we read passages that resonate with us, and Readwise can better help us record and review them.
  2. it's not easy to connect the dots in different books, and Readwise makes that easy by tagging.

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The quotes, arranged by topic, were funnier, smarter, and more biting than the typical inspiration-lite quotes you find online now.
The things we get from our reading – let’s call them ideas for the sake of simplicity – become useful when they interact with ideas from other things we’ve read, conversations we’ve had, and our experiences.
Juxtaposing ideas from one book with similar (or contradictory) ideas from another isn’t made easy.
Instead of navigating a random set of other people’s thoughts, you digest a sampling of ideas you know are relevant to your interests.