Daily Productive Sharing 213 - Four Types of Blogs

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(The English version follows)


今天的分享中,作者整理了订阅的 blog,然后发现可以把它们大致分为四类 (例子是我准备的):

  1. the announcer - Techmeme- 科技界最好的信息源,会及时人工搜集其他消息源的数据;
  2. the explainer - Jay Alammar - 利用各种可视化手段来解释各种深度学习模型;
  3. the hustler - 基本不看,所以也想不出什么例子了;
  4. the voice - Stratechery - 最犀利的科技评论之一



Types of Blogs

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In today's share, the author organized the subscribed blogs and then found that they can be roughly divided into four categories (examples by me)

  1. the announcer - Techmeme - the best source of information in the tech world, which manually collects data from other sources in a timely manner.
  2. the explainer - Jay Alammar - uses various visualizations to explain various deep learning models.
  3. the hustler - I basically don't read this category, so can't think of any examples.
  4. the voice - Stratechery - one of the sharpest tech reviews out there

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Types of Blogs

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RSS is a good way to see new information that is generally relevant to what I want to think about.
Unlike Announcer articles, I come back to Explainer articles over and over again.
Explainers can be reviews or they can be step by step instructions, but they usually have the longest lived value in my reference collection.