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不管是做生意也好,还是创业也好,如果仅仅把目标定在赚多少钱的话,可能走不远;如果我们把目标定位如何为客户创造更多价值的话,当客户获得了收益之后,自然愿意付钱。比如 iPhone 可能是定价最高的手机,甚至顶配机型的价格超过了一台电脑,这在之前完全无法想象。但是如果我们想想我们每天有多少时间花在手机上,一台手机给我们带来了多少便利之后,我们就会发现这笔花费很值。

同样的,之前的几个简历修改案例表明,只要经过适当的修改,可以很容易拿到苹果/微软/亚马逊等大厂的面试机会。尽管这样的服务可能不便宜,但是能在短时间内可以帮助朋友们拿到大厂的面试机会,也的确符合 Create more value than you capture 这条道理。所以们决定正式推出这项服务,有需要的你可以在这个页面上找到相关信息



Create more value than you capture

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Whether it's business or entrepreneurship, if we just set the goal at how much money we make, we may not go far; if we set the goal at how to create more value for our customers, when they get the benefit, they will naturally be willing to pay. For example, the iPhone is probably the highest priced phone, and even the top model costs more than a computer, which was completely unimaginable before. But if we think about how much time we spend on the phone every day, and how much convenience a phone brings us, we will find that the expense is worth it.

Similarly, several previous resume revision cases have shown that with proper revision, it can be easy to get an interview with big companies like Apple/Microsoft/Amazon. Although such a service may not be cheap, it helped our friends get interviews with big companies in a short period of time, which is indeed in line with the principle of create more value than you capture. So we decided to officially launch this service, you can find related information on this page if you need it .

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Create more value than you capture

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The iPhone is consistently the most expensive smartphone out there, but a few hundred bucks every few years is a small price we pay for the benefit.
What Apple and Microsoft collect in revenue from these products is just a drop compared to the ocean of economic value the products ultimately create.
The secret is to have a vision for your customer’s success, not just a vision for your own goals.
If you’re dedicated to creating more value than you capture, every person your business touches must be transformed.
Meanwhile CrossFit builds a community of people dedicated to transformation, to showing up, to leaning in and learning. It really works, and people’s lives are changed – they become a better version of themselves – and the price of entry seems like nothing.