Daily Productive Sharing 217 - Why Shall We Read Novels?

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读小说有什么用?读诗有什么用?Peter Shallard 指出它们至少有三个好处:

  1. 让我们暂时放空,不必时时处在紧绷的状态;
  2. 帮助我们更好地入睡;
  3. 让我们变得更有同理心





Why reading fiction makes you a better entrepreneur

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Why reading fiction makes you a better entrepreneur

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I personally have the expensive habit of 1-click purchasing almost any non-fiction book my friends recommend.
Whatever direction for reading you choose, you will never have enough time to read it all.
The mentality of optimizing every facet of your life – treating every minute of the day as an opportunity to self improve, learn, upgrade etc – is a disaster of anti-mindfulness that leads to entrepreneurs burning themselves out.
Every hobby (if any are even allowed!) is about optimization and growth, never just fun or joy.
The root of Over Optimization Syndrome is the paralytic, narcissistic navel-gazing of self obsession.
The key is to acknowledge that life isn’t just about optimization and improvement.
Because fiction takes your mind away from the self.
Drowsiness ensues. And deep sleep follows.
Developing the entrepreneurial superpower of empathy requires a determined dedication to discovering the subjective truths and experience of others.
Without literature, we are all limited to our own lives.