Daily Productive Sharing 219 - How to Build A Company of One

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  1. 独立公司着眼于打造产品,这样可以创造更多的被动收入,而不是把收入和时间绑死;
  2. 在独立公司中也要学会如何领导团队,你的团队可能是你的客户,可能是你的合作方;
  3. 成立独立公司并不意味着你不和人合作;




The Company Of One

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Many friends may have thought about freelancing, but most freelancing is just work under a different name; in today's share the author offers another way, namely setting up an independent company and then polishing your product:.

  1. one-person companies focus on building products so that they can create more passive income, rather than tying up income and time.
  2. in a one-person company, we also learn how to lead a team, your team may be your customers, may be your collaborators.
  3. setting up a one-person company does not mean you don't work with people.

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The Company Of One

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Not only can you choose to stay small, it might be that staying small will be better for your work and for the kind of life you want to lead.
They build around themselves the infrastructure of a company, but focus on staying small, staying on the coal face of the work, and staying true to their values.
The Company of One focusses instead on products and services that can be offered in larger numbers (especially things like courses).
He uses the term leadership because, even if you work alone, you’ll need to bring people with you.
Perhaps the biggest danger of working alone, of being a Company of One, is disappearing into your own mind.
Philosophers call it solipsism, the idea that only your own mind is real, and outside reality can’t quite be trusted.
Being a Company of One doesn’t mean you can’t continue to work in the company of other amazing people.