Daily Productive Sharing 925

Daily Productive Sharing 925
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This is a letter written by Dan Wang in 2018, possibly the most boring one among the eight annual letters he wrote from 2017 to 2023:

  1. This year, he traveled to many cities, with Chongqing and Hangzhou being his favorites; one is spicy, and the other is serene.
  2. His work mainly focused on researching China's semiconductor industry and industrial upgrading. Moore's Law is a development rule in the semiconductor industry. If other industries could also maintain this kind of growth rate steadily, human society might become better.
  3. He highly recommends Rene Girard's I See Satan Fall Like Lightning and believes it can be used to explain the motivations behind the Cultural Revolution.

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这是 Dan Wang 写的2018之信,可能是他写的八封年度之信中最无聊的一份(2017-2023):

  1. 这一年他游历了不少城市,最喜欢的是重庆和杭州,一个火辣,一个平静;
  2. 他的工作重心主要在研究中国的半导体产业和产业升级上,摩尔定律实在半导体行业中的一个发展规律,如果有其他产业也能稳定地保持这种增长速度,那么人类社会可能会变得更美好;
  3. 他十分推荐 Rene Girard 写的 I See Satan Fall Like Lightning,并且认为可以拿来阐释文化大革命形成的动因。

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